Note: testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other clients; testimonials are no
guarantee of future performance nor success; no compensation is ever paid for any testimonial.

This 3-DVD system is Now available EXCLUSIVELY as an included Free Bonus for all traders who order:

This classic 2007 Forex course has been one of our most-popular premium Forex courses for good reason --
see all the video testimonials from traders who attended the LIVE Denver, CO Trade Mastery® seminar this was filmed at
(and yes the patterns are still great for today's 2014 currency markets as well, for both intraday and swing trading):


Disclaimer: Currency trading is not appropriate for most people. There is a substantial risk of loss associated with trading these markets. No system or methodology has ever been developed that can guarantee profits or ensure freedom from losses. Generall expected customer results are that traders may still incur trading losses, as currency trading is a speculative, high-risk activity. No representation is being made that using the Forex On Fire methodology or system will generate profits or ensure freedom from losses. Trade smart.
Ken Calhoun, President
Daytrading University


Forex Course For Active Currency Traders

From: Ken Calhoun
Tuesday, 9:43 a.m.

Dear Active Trader,
     If you've ever wanted to learn new Forex trading strategies from one of the trading industry's most-respected active traders — then this may just be one of the most exciting messages you'll read all year... and here's why:

     The new Forex on Fire 3-DVD multimedia trading system will show you exactly how to trade currency pairs using my favorite advanced, yet easy-to-trade technical signals for both day and swing trading, fully explained with dozens of actual chart examples, PLUS live seminar footage captured for you to learn from.

     And the best part is, you don't need any prior experience in currency trading to learn Forex On Fire's new trading techniques.   In fact, it can also be used by stock traders who are curious about trying out currency trading, as well as delivering plenty of advanced tactics for those of you who have been trading forex for years.  
     It's all based on my new proprietary "4-Signal Forex" patterns, which (like stock trading) are based on helping you learn how to spot the most-volatile charts easily, then trading breakouts and pivots based on what you're seeing.   
Forex on Fire: Here's The "Inside Story":

     I assembled 33 bright, well-trained traders in a Trade Mastery live seminar here in an exclusive resort in beautiful Denver, Colorado.... it was an event that traders were thrilled to be a part of, as you can tell from the video testimonials from some of the fortunate traders who were able to secure their seats in this action-packed event found on this site...
       We got to work. With REAL charts.   Real patterns, literally ripped apart before their astonished eyes, for major pairs like the EUR/USD as well as crosses (my favorite is the GBP/JPY because of it's huge volatility).  You get the picture.  It was a once-in-a-lifetime event, and I captured my very best Forex trading setups on crystal clear video. But then I did more.

    After the event was over, I studied every video clip carefully, putting each of the "4-Signal Forex" currency trading strategy signals "under the microscope" to see if I could detect any NEW patterns that traders needed to know. And you know what? I found 'em.   Plenty of new forex patterns that needed to be shared with up-and-coming currency traders, after the event. And you're about to get them, too...

    So I captured those as well, and packed an extra hour and a half of newly-updated video footage in the Forex On Fire trading DVDs... so you'll learn even more strategies than ever, all clearly illustrated and explained in a professional, step-by-step sequence to help you learn exactly how to trade my favorite patterns for the currency markets...
     I'm a credible trading resource, and my presentations at the expos
are always packed with eager traders wanting to learn my latest trading strategies...

 Learn From a True Forex Professional

What Kind Of Trader Will Gain The MOST From All The
Trading Strategies That Are Revealed In
The Forex On Fire Currency Trading

      You'll be sure to find dozens of exceptionally useful strategies in this new system regardless of your trading background or experience level ... here's why:
  • SWING TRADERS:  If you swing trade currency pairs intraday to several days at a time, you'll learn dozens of breakout and "reversal pivot" patterns (as well as which types of patterns to avoid!) explained step by step in breathtaking detail.

    Plus, you'll even learn exactly how to combine specific volatility patterns on hourly candlestick charts with indicators like advanced ADX, MACD and 7-Day continuation breakouts for the best trading patterns available anywhere.

    You'll get highly concentrated (yet surprisingly simple to use!) trading tactics, made easy with crystal-clear, easy to follow charts and concise, well-explained strategies that you can put to work right now to learn how to identify specific swing and day trading patterns in the weeks to come.

    Plus, you'll be able to see what scanning tactics are my favorites — designed to to help you potentially spot specific breakout patterns as each pair moves...


  • INTRADAY TRADERS : You'll learn how to use Price Oscillator Pivots and 1-minute candlestick chart cup breakout patterns to potentially improve the accuracy of your currency day trades (even helps swing traders with timing their entries to a razor's edge with new volatility signals).  Precision tactics!

    As you learn the various pairs worth trading, and the subtle, yet strong breakout and pivot tactics revealed here, you'll be astonished at the pattern drills and insightful trading techniques — and you get a front row seat as Ken "spills the beans" to share exactly what you need to know to help spot and manage intraday currency trades in volatile pairs like GBP/JPY, EUR/USD and others using the techniques that are revealed.

  • FRUSTRATED TRADERS:  Are you losing? Take some time off from trading, resolve to improve, and unlearn bad trading habits, replacing them with
    updated tactics, as you start learning proprietary new trading strategies revealed in this precision trading course.
    You'll find yourself eagerly looking forward to your next currency trade with my top strategies — all revealed here for you in eye-opening detail.

  • NEW TRADERS: New to trading and concerned that you're not getting the types of trade entries and results you were hoping for? We literally debunk the costly myths that appear in many of the overly-complex trading books out there by training you in exactly how to use dozens of easy-to-learn patterns and combinations of trade signals.  

    Unlock my favorite strategies quickly, as I reveal everything I know, with comprehensive, "A-to-Z" trader training that will leave you breathless with excitement, and new knowledge.   

    I have the industry credibility - see why I've been featured in the CBS Marketwatch, Active Trader Magazine, Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities Magazine, and elsewhere. You'll start learning the instant you start watching, thanks to the clearly-explained charts and patterns.
  • EXPERIENCED TRADERS : No matter how many years you've been trading the spot forex markets (or think you've been trading!), you've never seen the exceptional combination of techniques that I share with you in this groundbreaking "How To Day and Swingtrade The Currency Markets" focus in the Forex On Fire 3-DVD learning system.
  • STOCK TRADERS who want to trade currency pairs: New to forex? That's ok, since virtually all currency traders started off trading stocks, just like you.
    Now you can join their ranks once you learn the practical, hands-on tactics for day and swingtrading the spot forex market using what you'll be learning in your new Forex On Fire system.
    Even if you're brand new to trading currency pairs, we've got you covered — because you'll learn EVERYTHING you need to know to trade my favorite strategies for currency pairs.

    Your front row seat to the hottest trading ticket in town continues, as you see how to harness intraday and swing patterns plus my personal favorite trading signals (hidden unless you know what to look for).  

    You'll see charts carefully explained and illustrated,
    so it makes total sense and is simple to follow, whether you're a new or experienced trader — and the best part is — it's explained in step by step video so you can watch the strategies for yourself.

  See how thrilled these Forex traders were at the live event
from which the DVDs of the Forex On Fire system was created!


Note: testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other clients; testimonials are no
guarantee of future performance nor success; no compensation is ever paid for any testimonial.

Retired USAF Colonel says "I'm a veteran of many
Forex seminars, this is By Far the BEST ONE I've
Ever Attended!"

Jim tells you that:

"'s a pleasure to be here;
thank you Ken!"

Click the "play" button to watch this Forex On Fire video Success Story  =>
Take a Sneak Peek "Under The Hood" of Your
New Forex On Fire Trading System With these
FREE Streaming DVD Video PREVIEW Clips:
DVD Volume 1:


Click the "play" button
to see a brief sample of
what you'll be learning in
this trading DVD #1 

Here's Just a Small Sample of the Trading Strategies
You'll Discover On DVD Volume 1...

  • See step-by-step directions on exactly how to set up your charts for swing trading and day trading currency pairs, including all the specific technical indicators to use and parameter settings!   (these "pip setups" have never been revealed to the public before, and can give you a quick edge over other traders)
  • See my favorite 1-hour forex chart patterns for trading currency pairs (you'll be amazed once you see how easy these are to spot, once you learn exactly how to look for them in your charts, as Ken explains it all!).
  • How to use the new "7-Day Chart" swing trading forex technique that virtually nobody else is teaching traders... it's the perfect timeframe to help you combine the strongest longer-term patterns with immediate entries that are simple to recognize.

    This one single setup is one that I've worked for years to develop, and it's yours to learn once you see it revealed in crystal-clear color on the DVDs.
  • What currency pair charts to NEVER trade ... discover how to avoid the "pip killers".... those plays that cause needlessly expensive stop-outs.... You'll see exactly what charts to trade instead, using my popular "Double ATR with ADX > 40" forex strategy that can keep you away from charts that aren't moving strongly enough to produce strong moves, and IN on my favorite patterns.
  • How to Instantly SCAN for the chart patterns I like best, and see how I quickly compare different currency pair charts to see which ones meet my criteria, and which ones to skip.  This can save you literally hours of difficult scanning for trade entries, once you unlock these little-known currency scan strategies that you can use with almost any charting software!
  • The valuable "3 MACD-Maximizer Currency Play" settings that can help you potentially spot entries using a specific MACD pattern. These tactics are specifically designed to help you see how to vary your MACD parameters in such a way that you'll get entry signals ahead of the crowd.    

    PLUS, you'll now know exactly when to pull the trigger on BOTH your entries as well as your exits.... it's just that powerful!  
  • Easy-to-Use "Quick Access" Forex DVD system:
    All 3 DVDs feature a specially-developed professional "point and click" menu which makes it simple for you to instantly access your favorite parts of each DVD, in handy chapter format - now it's easy to instantly click to your favorite parts for review and study!

    No more fast-forwarding to try and find the tips you need - it's all easily accessed chapter by chapter.  Or, you can simple select "Play All" like a standard DVD on the menu — the choice is yours! Watch on your television's dvd player or your pc.
    Forex On Fire DVD 1 Video Chapter List — What You Get:   
    Seven-Day Charts: Swingtrading Success with Forex Scanning for the Strongest Currency Trend Charts
    How To Spot Volatile Pairs: The Double ATR with ADX > 40 Strategy New Scanning Tactics With 7-Day Charts

...and that's just in the FIRST of your DVDs!    Keep reading to see what's packed into the other 2 DVDs you'll be getting with your system...:
Using Your New Forex On Fire Course Is Simple!  
Just Watch the DVDs As You Follow Along
It's Just That EASY... Here's How:
Forex on Fire: Beyond The Basics, It Delivers Precisely What You Need To Know

     Forex on Fire doesn't waste any time covering the very basics of what currency trading is (I promise I won't waste time explaining what a pip is, or what carry trades are); since there's plenty of free online broker resources and books covering the basics.   Instead, we "hit the ground running" and reveal how to trade and which specific trading signals you should be trading with.

     Perfect for both swing and intraday currency traders, the "Forex On Fire" multimedia trading system provides valuable strategies to help you trade your favorite currency pairs every single time you put on a trade.  It's also ideal for stock traders who are trying out forex trading as well.
     The stunning new "4-Signal Forex" method is a genuine breakthrough in currency trading training, because it delivers professionally-produced, easy-to-follow trade setups that you'll value for years to come.         More on that later, but first, let's see "just a taste" of what you'll be discovering for yourself in this "must-own" new currency trading system:
About Ken Calhoun

Ken Calhoun is President of Daytrading, and Having provided online training to active traders from over 32 countries since 1999, he is an internationally published trader who's earned industry awards and critical acclaim from traders around the world for his professional trading systems.

Featured in leading trade publications and events including Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine, Active Trader Magazine, OnlineTradersExpo,, and CBS, Ken has been a popular figure in the active trading scene for nearly a decade, and has co-produced two stock trading DVD systems with Steve Nison, garnering over 101 actual trader testimonials.


As an internationally published business management consultant, Ken previously trained over 31,000 people in over 147 companies worldwide. He took his profits from his successful consulting career and discovered the world of active stock and currency trading, where he's been working to help other traders use precision, advanced trading strategies in their trades.

His Daytrading University site has been used by over 8,100 traders worldwide to learn how to swing and day trade, and is considered a premiere resource for active traders. He has interviewed Brian Tracy, Steve Nison, Kathy Lien, Boris Schlossberg and others and is a popular, sought-after seminar speaker and industry figure.

We Asked What You Wanted, And You TOLD Us — Now Forex On Fire Delivers!

     Before holding the Trade Mastery live event (where the Forex On Fire system was filmed) we surveyed literally hundreds of traders to ask what you wanted to learn.   And we were stunned by the overwhelming (and surprisingly advanced) requests that came flooding in from traders...

Here's what you told us...

You want to understand more about how to manage your entries and exits when trading currency pairs like the EUR/USD, GBP/JPY and others.
You wanted to learn how currency trading is different from day and swing trading stocks, and what the specific technical signals are to use for higher-percentage winning trades.
You want to avoid getting stopped out for large 100+ pip expensive stop losses due to false breakouts and unreliable pivots that chop around once you enter.
You want to be able to "get past" the nomenclature of pips and carry trades and get right into the mechanics of exactly how to trade currency pairs using specific setups, and discover the best forex trading chart patterns that are reliable and work consistently.
You wanted to learn how to recognize successful entry signals for a wide variety of currency pairs and be able to trade them consistently.
You want to stop being frustrated by all the choppiness and "random noise" that makes so many of your forex trades stop out, or waste your time with breakeven entries that don't "run" in your favor once you enter them.
And most of all, you wanted to know how to scan for the best currency trade setups easily and quickly, with as little hassle as possible (and still win!)...

Plus — you asked for us to deliver it in a no-nonsense way that cut through all the chatter, hype and plain mis-information that you'd been fed by "the industry", so you could easily unlock pro-level currency trading techniques that reveal new tactics that you're looking for...
Forex On Fire will give you answers to many trading questions, and more.

Because it shows you specific chart pattern setups and the precision technical signals you can use to help you enter and exit your trades using my tactics, if you choose to learn them.

The entire Forex On Fire system has been carefully designed to be a "from one trader to another" immersive learning experience (an A-to-Z "blueprint" for currency trading) that will show you all my favorite trade tactics:

For instance, you'll discover...

The fastest way to quickly scan through a small handful of currency charts and quickly see which ones meet my trading criteria (and which ones to avoid!).
What trades to never take. Ever. And how the vast majority of currency traders are overtrading these "lethal fibonacci mistakes". You'll see how to sidestep these common errors, and replace them with all-new trading signals.
The 4 primary trading signals you absolutely MUST know if you're even thinking about swingtrading or daytrading pairs like the EUR/USD, GBP/JPY or others.    I take you "by the hand" and show you exactly what I like to look for.
Little-known secrets that can help you adapt some of what you've learned about stock trading and instantly apply it to your forex trades. I call it my "stocks-to-currency transition plan", to help you quickly add currency trading to your core trading skills, fast.
When to use signals like the MACD histogram versus Price Oscillator Signals for swing trading (and the best part is, since the spot fx market is open 24/7, there's minimal risk of overnight gaps against you - a huge plus for stock swingtraders looking to add currency trades to their active trading style).
PLUS - how to easily modify the parameters in your charting software to yield trading signals that are different from what other traders's the "thinking traders approach" to not using the standard parameters that many traders are using.
Are you a stock trader who's not comfortable even with the idea of trading currency pairs yet? Here's what I did to "breeze through" the new language that currency traders use (like "pips", "major pairs" and "carry trades").   You'll learn how skip the confusion, and instead focus on the actual mechanics of trading confidently, using specific trading patterns that can be readily recognizable using your charts.
Bill says "This has been GREAT with Forex..."*

Trader tells you that:

"I really appreciate what Ken
does...I love this material!"

Click the "play" button to watch this Forex On Fire video Success Story  =>
 Note: testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other clients; testimonials are no
guarantee of future performance nor success; no compensation is ever paid for any testimonial.

The single most important Forex pattern you'll ever need to know (I call it the "Double ATR Plus 40 Pip" volatility pattern) to help you instantly see the "early warning" indicators for explosive pivots and breakouts in your favorite currency pairs.
How to use the new "7-Day 60-Minute" currency swing trading charts as a core trading tactic for all of your trades. This simple, powerful technique has never been revealed'll be astonished at how clearly the best potential trading patterns now "leap out" at you, once you see how it all works.  And it's included with your Forex On Fire system.
Still swing trading stocks only? You'll see why I'm urging every stock swing trader to hurry up and now learn how to trade volatilie currency pairs (like the GBP/JPY) as an additional trading how to swing trade with a new "set and forget" stop limit entry technique that's perfect for casual traders!
How to combine 4 simple trading signals to help you see exactly where to enter and exit your trades.   And no, none of them are fibonaccis or stochastics (in fact, those often cause expensive stops and bad entries, because they simply aren't consistent enough). Instead, you'll discover how to instantly replace them with our four "superstar" currency trading indicators, explained in crystal-clear detail for you.
How to CRUSH the confidence-sapping uncertainty that paralyzes most new currency traders — and replace it with unstoppable enthusiasm of a professional trader, almost overnight! (Hint: your newfound confidence will come from your knowing the exact 4 patterns to use every time you put on a trade, plus the "entry and exit mechanics" you'll be discovering how to use). All yours in Forex On Fire...
and much more... bookmark this page and return, as we add new videos and more information about the Forex On Fire Currency Trading System in the days ahead!  It's going to be one system you'll to own, fast...   Get ready to grab yours!


Ed says "I think this looks like an EASY
learning process to go through...!"*

He says:

"well worth ANY amount
of money ...."

Click the "play" button to watch this Forex On Fire video Success Story  =>
This Is Great News for You, Because You'll Gain an "Early Bird" Advantage Over Other Traders, Seeing These Precision Patterns Literally Deconstructed  Before They Do...!

        It's true that forex patterns lose their effectiveness over time, as more and more traders anticipate reversals and exit at the first sign of trouble in their trades... By grabbing your set of DVDs early, you'll be first to market with the awesome combination of techniques that are exposed here.

        And you'll enjoy an 'unfair advantage' over the crowd by seeing these latest precision trading techniques (combining RSI/MACD Histogram/Price Oscillator/Average Range pivots
with different, BETTER parameter settings than the crowd uses) in an astonishingly candid, pull-no-punches comprehensive trading system that you can begin using immediately in your trading...

        This is the amazing just-released massive 3-DVD "Currency Trading Course of the Year" that is about to turn the industry on it's ear — and now you can get your very own personal set. This complete, A-to-Z, step by step multimedia course shows you exactly how to trade the strongest patterns in any market....with total confidence.... Starting with your very next trade!

DVD Volume 2:


Click the "play" button
to see a brief sample of
what you'll be learning in
this trading DVD #2 

Here's a Brief Preview of theTrading Strategies
You'll See How To Use On DVD Volume 2...

  • When to use "Price Oscillator Pivot" signals to help sharpen your day (and swing) trading entries and exits... PLUS, you'll learn the exact settings to use, how to trade based on them, and how to exit with the all-new "3-candle exit" strategy.
  • How to swing trade multiple currency pairs during the same week... You'll get this special "swing trading currency" strategy (used by professional currency traders) to diversify entries and exits with a small handful of 2 to 6 different pairs "in motion" at any given time each week — it's easy to use, once you see the step by step directions provided for these "forex gems" — all illustrated with REAL charts to learn from.
  • Features examples from many different currency pairs, including the EUR/USD, GBP/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/CHF and many many other trader favorites.
  • How to uncover "hidden" support and resistance levels using NEW chart settings on your favorite indicators that other traders aren't using, and don't even know about... (you'll be impressed with this easy-to-use, powerful parameter-setting approach and trading "value" of setting your own chart rules to precisely fit better entry signals for the current forex charts you're using).

    The best part is, since virtually nobody is teaching traders this professional approach, you'll be on the "inside" with what you're about to discover and get a fast edge over the clueless "general public" traders that blindly use default chart settings.
  • How to trade using the RSI, a DIFFERENT way... some traders are completely clueless about how to use the popular RSI indicator for currency pair reversals and pivots... Here, for the first time ever, you'll unlock the secrets to using the new "75/25/9" triple signal setup to identify entries and exits in your favorite currency pairs with a proprietary new strategy.
  • Interactive "4-Signal Forex Chart Exercises" and trading activities to do with your printed 101-page "Book of Charts": these have you following along with the seminar event participants.

    You'll be eagerly discovering how to use each valuable techniqueby "filling in the charts" with your OWN entries and exits.... so it all "sinks in" using chart examples to use with your own trading!

    Forex On Fire DVD 2 Video Chapter List — What You Get:   
    "Four-Signal Forex" Trading Signals
    Daytrading Pivots With Price Oscillator Signals
    Daytrading Currency Pivots Using RSI 75/25/9 Triggers
    Multiple Swingtrading Forex Entry Strategies
    BONUS Section: Trader Insights & 'Biggest Takeaways'
 Note: testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other clients; testimonials are no
guarantee of future performance nor success; no compensation is ever paid for any testimonial.

     These powerful strategies all come together exclusively in one place for you to learn from: the multimedia Forex On Fire Currency Trading System.

     You won't see the same old re-hashed indicators or strategies that everyone else is using, because these are all-new, powerful Daytrading University techniques that are proprietary (lke the 7-day Forex Swing chart and Price Oscillator Pivot you'll have an edge over everyone else!).

     In fact we show you how to completely skip using unreliable fibonacci retracements and bollinger bands and stochastics... (you know, the ones that losing traders use) — because they simply aren't strong enough.

After learning from Forex On Fire, you'll be able to literally REPLACE your tired, worn-out non-working indicators with all-new trade signals and setups in just minutes.

     There's simply nothing else like it anywhere in the world... and now you can begin learning these practical new trading tactics once you receive your system!

     You'll eagerly await getting your hands on this system as it arrives via First-Class Airmail (free shipping is included for your system), as you hurriedly tear open the box and pop the first DVD into your player and watch it on your television or computer system, unlocking each valuable strategy.

More Trader Reviews

"Lots of clear chart examples that brought to life daily trading challenges. The class exercises in identifying both entry and exit points along with guidance from Ken helped insure a very practical education." Gary S.
"I consider it priceless...leverage your time by learning from experts that are genuinely interested in extending their knowledge. Choose to learn from Ken as he is one of those experts." -Mario P.
"Your personal thoughts on a person's mind set to trading and the attitude and conviction to being a successful trader was truly from the heart. The trading strategies... were to the point and very simply explained so all who attended Trade Mastery should understand and use forever." -Ed M.

"...I highly recommend any seminar or training you can get from Ken." Brian M.

DVD Volume 3:


Click the "play" button
to see a brief sample of
what you'll be learning in
this trading DVD #3 

Here's Just a Small Sample of theTrading Strategies
That Are Revealed To You On DVD Volume 3...

  • How to learn a new way to set your trading entries participating in hands-on groundbreaking new "You Make The Trading Call" activities, that are specially designed to help you quickly see how to enter and exit your trades.

    You'll watch and follow along as we "deconstruct" exactly how to trade 7 popular currency pairs — but don't get too cozy, because you'll be asked to make the calls first... then you check your answers as we show you where each pair actually moved in the days following the entry.

    It's a perfect interactive technique that can help you learn new trading skills to figure out exactly where to pinpoint your entries and exits. The printed charts are easy to take notes on, so you can learn how to trade currency pairs using my tactics at your convenience.
  • FACT: New and experienced currency traders often get stopped out, taking painful 50+ pip losses due to relying too heavily on their "one favorite" timeframe in their charts.   

    One thing you'll learn instead is how to combine the 30- and 7-day charts for both swing and day trades.

    The unique step-by-step strategy revealed here literally "takes you by the hand" and shows you how to set up your charts and follow candle by candle in both timeframes, to use support and resistance levels, cup patterns, MACD histogram triggers and more — all carefully designed to help you see how these trading techniques work .

    You'll marvel at the fast-paced technical expertise and "how to" trading strategies uncovered in this video segment, as you see practical forex trading entry strategies that you've likely never even seen before... all clearly explained so you can learn them yourself!
  • How to manage risk and set your initial (and trailing) stops when trading currency pairs. You get a concise video "blueprint" that shows you specifics about what you need to know to be able to exit your positions using the Forex On Fire tactics.

    This rare new footage also captures my exact "when to get out " tactics — and now it's yours in crystal-clear video charts to learn from!
    Forex On Fire DVD 3 Video Chapter List — What You Get:   
    "Interactive "You Make The Trading Call" Forex Entries
    How To Use 30- and 7-Day Combination Forex Patterns for Strong Entries
    Managing Risk and How To Exit Your Positions
Mario Says "I feel Very Fortunate...  
Specific, EASY to to follow trading rules...


He tells you that:

"..I feel confident.... so Ken,
I'm very grateful - thank you!"

Click the "play" button to watch this Forex On Fire video Success Story  =>

Note: testimonials may not be representative of the experience of other clients; testimonials are no
guarantee of future performance nor success; no compensation is ever paid for any testimonial.
Larry tells you "I think it's probably
the best VALUE...!"


He says:

"..I highly recommend this opportunity"

Click the "play" button to watch this Forex On Fire video Success Story  =>

        Trading the spot forex markets can be difficult (kind of like walking through a financial minefield of hidden tactics used by the big firms' currency traders to grab money from unsuspecting home traders with all the @#!% stop-outs they cost traders).

        But before you order, we thought you might want to get answers to some of the questions that other Forex On Fire System owners asked, so here's a handy list of Frequently-Asked Questions for your review:

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Is Forex On Fire for day trading or swing trading?
That's the best part of the system... you get specific setups and trading strategies for both styles.    Whether you trade pairs for shorter 2-3 hour round trips, scalping, or hold for several days, you'll find plenty of trading tactics that are used for each style, clearly identified so you can try them out at your convenience.
2) What currency pairs do you teach me how to trade?
Unlike other systems that are limited to a single pair, Forex On Fire reveals examples and "4-Signal Forex" trading signals that are useful for many different pairs. Our current favorite pairs in this volatile market include the GBP/JPY and others with the yen, along with the EUR/USD, the USD/CHF and others.   You can use these pivot and breakout trading signals with ANY pair you wish - Forex On Fire is designed to help a variety of traders!
So you'll learn exactly how to trade many different pairs, instead of being forced to learn how to trade just a single pair, like other systems do (so you're in control!).  Forex On Fire teaches you how to scan for and trade the most volatile, wide-range pairs available.

Why trade a rangebound pair when there's several others that are better to trade each day?  You'll unlock the tactics needed to scan for and identify the widest range pairs (like our "Twice the Average Trading Range + 40 pip" rule), and much more.
 3) What's included in the Forex On Fire currency trading system?
You'll get all 3 DVDs, packed with strategies and tactics designed to help you master the trading skills you need to identify entry and exit signals in your currency trades each day.
4) FAQ:   Will these play on my Region (1,2,3) DVD player / pc?
Yes, these are region-free and may be played on any DVD player anywhere in the world.
5) FAQ:   What's your return policy? As with and other companies that sell software and DVD/video media that could be copied, we do not offer a money back guarantee; however we will replace any defective media if for any reason your DVDs do not play correctly for you. Simply return the DVDs to us (contact us first at for an RMA number) and we'll rush-send you a replacement set.
6) FAQ:   How do I find out more about Ken Calhoun?
You may find out more about Ken at his award-winning site:
7) FAQ:   What are the licensing and usage restrictions? Terms of sale?
The Forex On Fire system is sold with a single-user End User License Agreement (EULA); meaning you may not duplicate, resell or otherwise redistribute this system anywhere. You may not use it for any commercial nor other public display usage, nor broadcast it without a specific written license for this (contact us for details).    All sales final. You may not resell this on any website, classified ads, forum nor any other venue, per terms of sale.   This is to avoid piracy. Only systems sold from this site are legitimate.
9) FAQ: Can I send you emails asking for personal trading advice?
Sorry, but no - since I am not a registered investment advisor I cannot answer individual trader emails. Also due to the volume of traders we have, it would be impossible to individually answer dozens of questions each day from hundreds of traders.

10) FAQ:   Is there a Non-Disclosure Agreement governing this content?
Yes, by purchasing the Forex On Fire Currency Trading System, you hereby acknowledge the proprietary "trade secret" intrinsic value of the content and agree to not share the techniques nor parameters with anybody else in any venue, including forums or other means. You also agree to not create any type of derivative work, product, site, report or other content of any kind, based on the materials provided herein.
11) FAQ:  
 Can I buy individual DVDs?
Sorry, no. Since this is an integrated system, each part of the system has been carefully designed to work with the other elements.   Getting just one part of it (like a single DVD), would be like just reading one chapter out of a book... it works best if you work through the entire, easy-to-follow system as a whole.
12) FAQ:   How is Forex On Fire related to the Trade Mastery® event?
Video footage for the Forex On Fire Currency Trading System was filmed during this live forex trading seminar event, held in Denver, Colorado during an intensive 2-day session.    Over 33 traders from around the world packed into this popular event. The DVDs contain hours of footage taken from the actual seminar, plus more content.

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Step 3: Test Your Trading Patterns: as you test out various patterns, your goal should be to start discovering which signals produce the most consistent trade entries and exits for your individual trading style.

You'll learn the process we use to develop entry and exit signals, how to avoid false breakouts, and much more - all included to help you follow up and actually use what you've learned in the 3-DVD complete trading system.

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     At first, I was thinking of putting a fair $1295 or even $1497 price tag on this currency trading system.  It would still be the "deal of the year" for active traders, and I could sell hundreds for that amount.   But fortunately, I'm not.  
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              Forex On Fire's proprietary approach, featuring the "4-Signal Forex" indicator method, offers you training that can be helpful whether you're a swing trader or you trade intraday — Forex On Fire is a comprehensive system.

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